Location: Garnizon, 80-280 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz


Garnizon.biz is an office and commercial project located in the centre of the Tricity, at the intersection of the two most important transport routes – al. Grunwaldzka and al. Żołnierzy Wyklętych. The urban context for Garnizon.biz is Wrzeszcz, a district of Gdańsk, considered the commercial and business centre of the Tricity. This perfect location ensures trouble-free and quick transport to all locations in the Tricity, including the A1 motorway, a ring road, an international airport, a ferry harbour, public offices and various institutions.
Garnizon.biz offers unique business space in renovated and modern office buildings, with an above-average number of parking spaces (ultimately, there will be 6,000 of them) and many services in the area.
Ultimately, Garnizon.biz will have about 150,000 square metres of commercial space.


66.500 66,500 square metres of commercial space in Garnizon
140 commercial premises in Garnizon
6.000 parking spaces in Garnizon in the future
15.000 people will be employed in Garnizon