Location: Władyslawa IV, Obrońców Wybrzeża, 81-361 Gdynia Śródmieście

Plac Unii

Plac Unii is a multi-functional residential and commercial space in the heart of a vibrant city. Commercial premises on ul. Władysława IV are characterised by spacious shop windows and their location makes them well visible from the street. The building is being constructed in the centre of Gdynia, just 650 metres from the city beach and the marina, which are some of the most attractive locations on the seaside of the Gulf of Gdańsk. The centre of Gdynia attracts tens of thousands of potential customers or partners every day. They are the residents of the Tricity who run errands in nearby shopping centres and public offices, as well as tourists who visit Gdynia, “a city of the sea and dreams”.


4.600 square metres of commercial space with premises from 40 to 1,800 square metres
44 commercial premises 183 parking spaces